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+++*A Single days' Dream*+++

+++ lest unto me

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Me? I'm a writter. Poetry (mostly free style, haiku, lantern, and villenelle), prose, novels, short stories, lyrics, etc.

I speak English and latin, have been learning japanese for 2 years now, and plan on learning Italian. I read anything i can get my hands on, but i especially love Dante, Leanardo da Vinci, Carl jung, plato, Socretes, Zeno, Phillip Pullman, Laurell K hamilton, Shakespeare, Lord Alfred Tennyson, and Charlotte Bronte =]

I wAiTeD for m i n d s to cahange, pointing their fingers to blame, its not my F A U L T your ashamed of how you feel - sick puppies

Remember when we stayed up late an we talked all night, in the dark we were lit by the tv light- for all the hard times in my life... those night kept me alive! Listn to the radio play all night, didn't want to go home to another fight for all the hard times in my life, those nights kept me alive -skillet

Its hard to see the pain behind the mask, bearing the burden of a secret storm, sometimes she wishes she were never born, thru the wind and the rain she stands hard as a stoe in a world that she cant rise above, but her dreams give her wings and she flies to a place where shes loved... - concrete angel

Dreaming all day thats all she did, ever since she was a little kid, all her teachers thought that she was slow- she was dreaming bout her show! and when they told her she's delirious- she didnt care she's just oblivious! She likes to make everyone curious! One day she's gonna be famous!!!

From the minute that i saw her she was diferent from the rest, but i didnt hear her talking i was staring at her chest, and i wish i wouldda listened cuz i think i might've seen the signs. Now its been a couple months and i cant take another word, shes been pushin every button shes been workin every nerve. ive got something she can swollow but its sure as hell not my pride
miss yesterday (one of many themes [= ...)